shack The journey of the Burrito Shack began over 15 years ago, with a cute little shack and a dream. Ed and Judy Nasser began providing this then sparsely populated stretch of Power Road with delicious food and great service. “The Shack” transitioned through several operators with various menus and recipes until July of 2007 when Kurt and Peggy Swensen began operation. Kurt brought over 25 years of food experience to the rustic atmosphere along with a delicious “made from scratch” menu. Featuring hot green chili pork, carne asada, red chili, and their special recipe chorizo they strive to provide their customers with great taste, value and service. This is truly a “Mom and Pop” operation with family members there to help.

We have the “best customers in the valley” and hope you visit us soon and let us hand craft a burrito for you and your family. Over the years the area has grown and changed, but one thing remains true, the “shacktacular” food and service you get from that little shack on the east side of Power Road.